With SO many child care options available, how is a parent to be sure they are choosing the right one?  Is there really any way to differentiate between programs and choose the best one?  At Academic Advantage, we believe there is….  We invite you to search for the advantages for you child, yourself, and your community.

Academic Advantage is founded on the belief that children need early developmental opportunities – socially, emotionally, and academically, with which they will benefit.  Through the use of age-appropriate educational activities, we help give your child an advantage as he or she takes the first steps into the world of school.  In addition, we focus on sharing basic morals and values of life… the lessons that will shape who your child becomes in the future, as a successful well-balanced individual.

A classroom style structure is utilized, with a child to teacher ratio that helps foster one-on-one learning frequently and challenges a child to reach for their highest growth potential.  Teachers have flexibility in their lesson planning to look at each child and adapt as needed to their skill sets and preferred learning style.  Watching children advance is a fantastic reward for our teachers, as we hire those individuals who have a goal of making a difference in the lives of children and strive for that accomplishment each day.

As a parent, one of the most stressful aspects of your life may well be leaving your child during the day to go to work.  We want to give you a peace of mind about your child’s well-being and safety while you are away.  We use a video surveillance system, which records each classroom, all the time.  In addition, we have password protected entrances and we ensure all our teachers are CPR certified soon after hire.

AND… we offer up to 2 WEEKS (10 days) of UnPaid sick/vacation leave for all full time children.  You can use them as individual days, or as a week at a time, whatever works for your family.   You get to use them when YOU need to!  What an advantage to have that flexibility for 2 weeks a year!

As a locally owned business, AACDC offers the advantage of owners and directors who will know you and your child(ren) personally, and who will truly care about YOUR family’s well-being and needs.   In addition, the owners of AACDC, Kirsten McMann and Brooke Rossman, are involved in the community by joining local community groups, Early Childhood Committees, working with local businesses, participating in classes provided by NHHS, SCC  and UNL, and continuing our high assessments on the ITERS / ECERS Environment Rating Scales (http://www.ersi.info/index.html) .  The quality of AACDC in ensured by on-site presence of the owners each day, in addition to the highly qualified center managers and teachers in each classroom.  Our Lead Teachers have an Early Childhood Education or Teaching Degree, a CDA credential, or have 10+ years experience in a child care setting.

Please, Come spend some time at Academic Advantage CDC!  Walk-in inquiries and tours are highly encouraged from 9am- 5pm, or by appointment.  We look forward to showing you “The Advantage”.