SAFETY is a very important part of Academic Advantage Child Development Center!  We strive to ensure you child’s safety at all times!

Safety Features

  • Security Entrance

  • Video Surveillance

  • ID Checks at Pick Up

Annual Inspections for each Center

  • Child Care Licensing (min of 2x per year unannounced)

  • Health Inspector (min of 1x per year unannouned)

  • Fire Inspector (min of 1x per year unannounced)

  • Nutrition Inspection (1x per year unannounced)

Staff Training

  • CPR / First Aid  (Corporate Trainer)  – Req’d for all Staff

  • Health & Safety (corporate Trainer)  – Req’d for all Staff

  • CACFP – Nutrition Services Training –  Req’d for select Staff

  • Child Care Education Module Training – Req’d for all Staff

  •         Food Handler’s Training – Req’d for select Staff

  •          Health Reports Annually – Req’d for all Staff

  •          CarSeat Safety Training for Managers and Lead Teachers

Staff Background Checks

  • Child Abuse and Neglect State Reports

  • Criminal Background Checks (Lincoln/Lancaster County)

  • State of Nebraska – State Patrol

  • Sex Offender List