Summer 2019 Openings Still Available as of 4/25/19:  

15th St – 4         56th St – 3         NW Ctr – 3 


SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN: (for Kindergarten graduates and older)

 Providing Safety and Support…..

The elementary and pre-teen years can be quite difficult for much of today’s youth.  Children struggle between wanting freedom and needing support and guidance.  At AACDC, school age children are helped through challenges and encouraged to become positive influences on each other and the community around them.  Children can attend before and after school and also during most non-school days and the summer, winter, spring and fall breaks.  After school, children may choose to work on homework, talk about school, play games, make art projects, have some outside time, eat a healthy snack, relax and interact socially with other kids in their age groups.  Most importantly, parents know that their children are safe at Academic Advantage.  What a relief!

Schools we transport to:

15th Street Location:  Adams, Cavett, and Hill

56th Street Location:  Humann, Zeman, and Wysong

Northwoods: Meadowlane, Pyrtle, and Kahoa

Yankee Woods:  Humann, Wysong, Maxey and Kloefkorn  *** Anticipated Opening in Late 2019

**At times we change these schools based on needs or other requests, so call if you have any questions about possibly going to another school – it can sometimes be accommodated, depending on vehicles available and times the schools dismiss.


Encouraging Year Around Learning and Fun…..

One of the major concerns for parents is how to keep a school age child busy during the summer.  Children who are used to learning all day, often find themselves “bored” after only a few weeks (or even days!) out of school.  At AACDC, we offer a summer program designed to excite children, encourage learning through field trips (1-2 per day!), games, weekly themes, fun events, sports, and pretty much wear them out so they are not “bored” at all!   Age appropriate activities are utilized, math challenges, science experiments, book reading, and other fun incentives are provided as well – to keep learning during the Summer Break.  Children can celebrate Back-to-School time with a fun End of Summer Party as well!

This program will take care of summer boredom, while reassuring parents that their children are safe!  For more information on the Summer Program, please call us.  SUMMER PROGRAMS fill quickly!  SUMMER PROGRAM ENROLLMENTS will begin by February 1st each year.