Assessing our progress is important.  As children move through each class, we watch for certain achievements and also do class assessments as needed.  Children each grow very differently, but they can all be assessed individually based on their accomplishments and areas of development.

Parents can rest assured that we do not label children or make assumptions, however, we do offer progress reports and help as requested, when a child shows signs of advancement or needs.  We often work with LPS or Headstart, to help children, as well as other professionals in a variety of situations.  The success of each child is of the utmost importance to us.  The younger we can help to identify needs, the better a child’s success rate.

Our center and classrooms are also assessed based on ITERS/ ECERS.   On of our co-owners is trained in these assessment scales and is in process of evaluation of each individual classroom throughout our corporation.

Parent Surveys are conducted to assess how classes are going and how parents feel about current levels of academics, activities and teaching staff.

Parent Teacher Conferences / Report Cards are offered, typically on an annual or as-needed basis.  If you would like an assessment of your child, please let us know, as we are happy to do these when requested as well.