Learning is the Key to Success…..

As children begin to gain independence, they also become much more inquisitive about the world itself and how it works.  At Academic Advantage, preschooler and pre-K children are encouraged to explore the world and find answers to many of their questions through research, interaction, science and sensory experiments, and cause and effect.  learning through play is a big part of our day.  The preparation for Kindergarten begins, as AACDC teachers help children begin to recognize numbers, letters, sounds, colors, shapes, sizes and how these all interact together to teach us about life and our wonderful planet Earth.  In addition, Preschoolers/Pre-Kindergartners begin to develop the emotional skill of empathy, and the social skills of putting others’ needs before their own and taking turns.  Books, discussions, games and field trips add to an exciting, educational time at AACDC.  Our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs use the requirements for kindergarten at Lincoln Public Schools as our baseline to be completely ready prior to the beginning of each child’s Kindergarten year.

Parents are always welcome and are kept informed through daily / weekly communication from teachers about lesson plans, activities and daily events.

AM Preschool / Part Time Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Options

Finding quality learning environments for children who do not need all day care can be difficult.  At AACDC, we realize that all children need to experience important growth in order to prepare for Kindergarten and the upcoming years.  Social skills are enhanced through group play, and academics are encouraged by positive experiences with others of the same age group .  Therefore, we do offer part time Preschool (and Pre-Kindergarten) options!  If you are interested in these option, please call your preferred AACDC center to talk about schedules and tuition options – we have many!