INFANT CLASSROOMS (Inf 1: 6 weeks – 12 months / Inf 2: 12-18 months)

The Foundation of Learning Begins…..

Children are never too young to begin the learning process; the younger a child is when learning, the better.  Research has shown that the first year of life is when our brain synapses are the most impressionable!  We work with infants to grow leaps and bounds in this wonderful first year.

Infants thrive in our highly interactive environments, exploring the world around them, listening to books read aloud, exposure to music, sensory activities, one on one communication are all the beginning to their educational experience.  

In order to aid in a smooth transition from home to our center, feeding and sleeping schedules are kept as close to home as possible.  Parents are ALWAYS welcome to visit too!  A daily log is kept and provided to parents at the end of each day, so you know all the fun and interesting parts of your child’s day.