About Us

OUR MOTTO:    Teaching, Nurturing and Developing the Future…..  One Child at a Time.

OUR HISTORY:  Co-Owners and Directors, Brooke Rossman and Kirsten McMann began the work of formulating Academic Advantage in April of 2001.  Finally, after many years of searching and working toward our goal, we opened our first location at 630 N. Cotner Blvd. Ste. 200, near 62nd and Cotner Blvd on November 8th, 2004.  Academic Advantage Child Development Center was a new company, founded in Lincoln, NE, upon the belief that children need to and deserve to have the best possible care, education, experiences and environment as they develop in early childhood.  In turn, parents need to and deserve to have peace of mind about the care their children are receiving while they are at work.  Academic Advantage aims to give that peace of mind to parents, while providing a comfortable, fun, affordable, exciting place for children to learn, grow and develop.  As the years went on, we we excited and blessed to be able to add our 15th St. Location in August of 2007 and our 56th Location in May of 2010.  By July of 2015, we had expanded greatly in our original location and we able to relocate our Cotner Center to our new Northwoods facility.  We are not sure what the future holds, but we are happy to now serve up to 350 children at 3 Lincoln locations, with approximately 95 employees.

OUR GOALS and VALUES:   Our goal at AACDC is simple — extraordinary service to families and treating others as we would want ourselves and our children to be treated!  Providing outstanding educational experiences, a fun environment, a clean and comfortable atmosphere and lots of room for a child’s growth and development, as well as making a parent’s life easier, alleviating their worries and enriching their experience with our staff and center.  We accomplish this by:  1) Leveraging our education and experiences to enhance the growth opportunities available each day through our lesson planning and free play, 2) Constantly seeking out ways to impress and WOW parents with our services, 3) Taking on a positive attitude with a “YES” mentality, 4) Being creative, resourceful, responsible, hard-working and dedicated, and 5) Striving to continually grow personally and challenge yourself to change when needed in your profession.


Kirsten McMann:  Co-Owner / Chief of Operations / Director

Brooke Rossman: Co-Owner / Chief Financial Officer / Director

Jessi James: Regional Director / Trainer

Hayley Olguin:  Center Manager, Northwoods Center

Whitney Goebel: Center Manager, 15th Street Center

Courtney Guthrie: Center Manager, 56th Street Center

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